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As a world leader in 3D-forming, CIG Architecture has managed to build up an impressive portfolio. Buildings that were realised by CIG Architecture can be found throughout the world. Not only do our constructions serve an aesthetic purpose, but they are also extremely strong, especially if a self-supporting monocoque construction is your preferred option. This may be the answer to your questions if traditional construction methods are insufficient.

With our love for architecture and our solution-based philosophy we offer international architects and developers an integrated comprehensive solution. Our team always uses the latest 3D-design software packages which allow us to deliver ground-breaking finished products that meet the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2008).


Ron Arad London, United Kingdom
Ron Arad Tel Aviv, Israel
Zaha Hadid London, United Kingdom
UN Studio Arnhem, Netherlands
Archiview Groningen, Netherlands
Scott Brownrigg Southampton, United Kingdom